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Tuesday, 31 May 2011



 everythings changing! kinda scary! i mean my mother acutally said i have to grow up now :| is she freaking kidding me?!

 i mean first of all my sisters getting married, i mean okay whatever i know i have to clean more but yeah (asian thing) next thing you know BAM! next year my brothers getting married i mean woaaaaah! MIND FUCK. its flipping crazy, but on the plus side i get a freaking sister in law! weirdddddddd! so, thought id blog that on the courtesy of my soul mate. Cory.



aaliyaahdanceofficial said...

Ahh thankyou that's sweet. Love you too Asian friend. Noor.

Noor Choudry said...

wooohoo! she said shee lourrrrvsss me:P. CHOWDER.