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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas? 2012 film?

YES I KNOW ITS THE NEXT DAY, but I dont celebrate christmas, and yes i know thats not an excuse bt anyways thought id say it! But to be fair, Muslims still have roast dinners XD And wow it actually was a snowing chistmas this year!:o totally global warming that is!

which brings me some how to the 2012 film!
will we die?! who knows.. but! in my OPINION, i think we wont die because well thats silly BUT somethings going to happen, not as in its gunna rain but maybe aliens..? or was that even stupider then the world ending? well leave your thoughts!

Im new -_-

right so ive never blogged before, i thought id try it and well its okay i guess.  I feel really stupid as its kinda confusing and have no idea what to do, obviously im blogging but im not really BLOGGING if that made sense? Im 14, i have no idea what age group blogging is mostly targeted at, ive looked at some peoples blogs as so far its all been sorta old people.. AWKWARD... ive found no teen blogs and well, i feel hopeless! It's early days obviously but got any tips?

a book with no name part 2

Dad or Sam as i prefer to call him, back home from the pub and like always plain drunk. If felt like Christmas every second he wasn't here, he was violent and argued constantly with mum and i was sick of it. Sam has no job and brings in no income, he does not help my mum in anyway with money and is an absolute bum but the worst part is. He hits. Mum's too terrified to get a divorce, shes saving enough money to get away from him and to actually move on with her life but with no one paying for the bills or food it's hard to even save. Luckily, he would never hit mum in front of us and she was sleeping in her room with the door locked of course, so i guess she was okay for now.

"Wheres your mother?" he growled as he dragged himself over to me. The smell of beer lingered in my nostrils and the stench of his own, personal odour made me want to puke. "Shes upstairs sleeping." i didn't want to make conversation so i started to clear the table and avoid eye-contact. Sam would never reply to what i would say which was not nothing new, he felt children weren't important and didn't need that much attention. Having "loving" parents didn't ever bother me, to be honest i felt i didn't have parents or that i was adopted. I know its harsh feeling like this, but they'd never know and wouldn't even care. Not noticing Sam had left the kitchen and passed out on the sofa, i had finished the washing up and headed to my room. My favourite place in the whole world.

Teenager girls!

The amount of females with a bitching issue is unbelievable yet sickening. Are they really not able to hold their thoughts? Backstabbing. They don’t know the meaning of it; words that emit from their mouths mean nothing. “I love you”. So many girls say it to their “boyfriends”. Do they truly know the meaning of it? Some would say it’s going to be forever. Well it’s physically impossible considering we are all going to die soon. They are so extremely delusional.

Im not saying im perfect, but it is pathetic the way they act. What do you think?

a book with no name

Guys, i thought about trying to write a book, here's a little starter of it.

“Pass the jam” sighed Cam. Nora handed the jar to her brother who had just turned 16 whilst wiping the butter off Sophie’s pink cheeks. “Right so what are your plans for today then, out with your mates?” said Nora with a slight sadness. “Well yeah I guess, tell mum not to wait up!” grabbing a piece of toast Cam strolled out of the kitchen. “Right Sophie, go wash up and don’t wake up mum! I’m sure she’s exhausted from work and well she damn right needs the rest.” As Sophie skipped off Nora checked her phone anxiously. No reply. Nora was going out with her boyfriend Mike, she was sure this was the end as it just wasn't working and they both knew it. Being 14 and from a poor family Nora hated her life but then again so did every teenager but she was different, she didn't fit in, well she wasn't a loser but she felt she was different. BEEP! It was from Mike, just like she thought it was over and yet she felt fine almost slightly happier. With soapy hands dripping on the floor she stood with fear. He was home.