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Saturday, 25 December 2010

a book with no name

Guys, i thought about trying to write a book, here's a little starter of it.

“Pass the jam” sighed Cam. Nora handed the jar to her brother who had just turned 16 whilst wiping the butter off Sophie’s pink cheeks. “Right so what are your plans for today then, out with your mates?” said Nora with a slight sadness. “Well yeah I guess, tell mum not to wait up!” grabbing a piece of toast Cam strolled out of the kitchen. “Right Sophie, go wash up and don’t wake up mum! I’m sure she’s exhausted from work and well she damn right needs the rest.” As Sophie skipped off Nora checked her phone anxiously. No reply. Nora was going out with her boyfriend Mike, she was sure this was the end as it just wasn't working and they both knew it. Being 14 and from a poor family Nora hated her life but then again so did every teenager but she was different, she didn't fit in, well she wasn't a loser but she felt she was different. BEEP! It was from Mike, just like she thought it was over and yet she felt fine almost slightly happier. With soapy hands dripping on the floor she stood with fear. He was home.

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