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Monday, 30 May 2011


Disappointment- The feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one's hopes or expectations

It's scary giving someone your trust knowing that doing this could cause nothing but sadness for you. i longed for this day and yes i was disappointed. 

Having you're hopes up is like a game of Russian roulette.

 you have you really trust to find the outcome. It really is a pisstake,  i mean you feel like a total idiot. the anger just stays with you without you even knowing until one day it's burst. Burst at the most wrong time and then and only then will the weight on your chest will finally disappear. 

knowing that you can't trust them makes you think whether your respect or even love for them really exist. They could leave you with nothing and not even look back, there's always a risk. 


Immmm baaaack!....Again.

So i haven't been blogging for a while

 my super cool friend Ana Mariaa told me i should, she was craving my posts i guess ;) Well anyway i back and hopefully will be blogging more, its funny when i feel down or im quiet (which isnt often) i tend to wanna blog. 

Today has been okay i guess, kinda disappointing but just for the sake of it, ill talk about that in another post, give you guys a little more to read ;) sad yes. do i care no. 

I know my background is horrendously weird but i seriously love it. I'm the freaky Asian and the other half of my life in Cory. She is a WONDERFUL human being. Let's just say she entertaining in many ways. We have a love/hate rela-oh i mean friendship... HA! Its not homo just a whole lotta lovinnnn. ;D 
So i hope my 4 followers (THE AMOUNT IS SO LAME BUT I APPRECIATE YOU GUYS!) enjoy my posts and helpfully they come frequently!

Byebye for now.