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Monday, 30 May 2011

Immmm baaaack!....Again.

So i haven't been blogging for a while

 my super cool friend Ana Mariaa told me i should, she was craving my posts i guess ;) Well anyway i back and hopefully will be blogging more, its funny when i feel down or im quiet (which isnt often) i tend to wanna blog. 

Today has been okay i guess, kinda disappointing but just for the sake of it, ill talk about that in another post, give you guys a little more to read ;) sad yes. do i care no. 

I know my background is horrendously weird but i seriously love it. I'm the freaky Asian and the other half of my life in Cory. She is a WONDERFUL human being. Let's just say she entertaining in many ways. We have a love/hate rela-oh i mean friendship... HA! Its not homo just a whole lotta lovinnnn. ;D 
So i hope my 4 followers (THE AMOUNT IS SO LAME BUT I APPRECIATE YOU GUYS!) enjoy my posts and helpfully they come frequently!

Byebye for now. 

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