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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Will stacey slater come back to eastenders?!

Well, shes left and we all watched that episode! Damn you mean Janine, though weirdly, apart from the crazyness, i think shes preety much okay...
I dont actually know WHY she left, but i think she is to come back
Well leave your thoughts!


So this post is called "Sigh!" well in capital letters, and well im having a bad day, i wont bore you with details but god some people are heartless! They dont know the situation and asume things which make you look bad. Sometimes you dont know what to so say whats wrong with that?! Im sick of people judging!

But on another note, i hear its going to snow-AGAIN, kinda sick of the slipping and extreme coldness but then again, were else am i going to wear my wellies ( and yes i know they are made for the rain too ).

and guys, dont be strangers!:D (though you are)