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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

this really is a pisstake.

I just dont understand how you can be like this! since when have you been like this towards me?! All because he's in the picture everything changes and you're a whole another person.

they way your being makes me sick to my stomach, you call this happiness. its all delusional. why can't you see whats right or wrong thats right infront of you. The sound of the voice that angers me so. and you know it does. yet you do nothing to stop it. 'what can i do'. the same old excuses.

just for the slightest piece of freedom I need to wait 12 days. Why did you have to go for so long, you're the only one who kept me sane from this shitty situation. But everything is going to change. and you're going to leave. and ill have no one to turn to.

this whole thing just pisses me of. they may say let it go, but you got to be angry so why cant i be too.

i want to get away from this. im not speaking suicidal i mean thats just ridiculous but this needs to go away.

Why cant i just get rid of this anger?!

why is it so hard to let go..

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