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Wednesday, 1 June 2011


right so today has been FUUNY and slightly weird. i think ive gone insane. HA!
It's been just so damn crazy, i dont even know why!

but woaaah! one thing that shocked me was what i saw! basically, theres this girl Dervylle whos just the shit right and shes got a boyfriend buttt! i saw a picture of him hugging this girl from the back now i know thats just not being friendly but wow that must be a slap in the face for her! she must be fuuuuming!

Another funny moment was when my gorg soulmate cory said "Jesus choudry" now you may not think its funny, but its one of those moments when you imagine them saying it and it sounds funny as heck! so ill admit i laughed over something that was through cyber communication. xD

Now 2moro should be fun i mean im going out with the mumzyyy shopping so normal teenage girl thing right. now im looking into trousers. Not that interesting but i really dont have anything to blog about today so that will have to do!:D


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