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Sunday, 9 January 2011


Whats so great about them? Like every teenager i know HAS a blackberry! its a BUSINESS PHONE isnt it?! They way people talk about them like its their world! to be honest.....I WANT ONE! yes i know im a hypocite, but my gosh i want one! my SISTER who is NOT my mother wont let me!!!!!!!!!!!! shes older then me of course and well its that big sister annoying thing! grrr. its a piss take! SHE EVEN HAS ONE! shes says heres a list of her "reasons"

1) Its expensive.
2) its a business phone, its NOT for teens
3) im not trusted. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN!
4) she thinks ill get up to no good? SHES NOT MY MOTHER!
5) ill be on it all the time and will change ? OF COURSE ILL BE ON IT ALL THE TIME BUT CHANGE?!
6) im "spoilt" which im really not! like seriously!

GRRRRRRRR! DAMMIT, but hey i cant live without her!

What are sisters good for?

1) well, their older so they've been through the crappy fashion!
2) we know how to dress because of them!
3) take their stuff:P mwahaah!
4) their clothes! well jewellery and stuff
5) they die first?
6) they can be like your best friend
7) you learn from their mistakes, so you come out gooooooooooood ;)
8) and well! WE JUST LOVE EM!
It made me laugh:L


aakriti said...

haha yeah so true... my case is however different my small sister has one ad i do'nt!!! well thats gonna change soon...... hopefully and she is addicted to umm i think you do change when you get one.....:)

Noorie said...

DUDE! your my first comment:L kinda lame but thanks! ahah xD yeahh most likely!:D