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Sunday, 9 January 2011


right so im minding my business, on facebook of course then i see someone on my chat list who i dont know, ( shes female ) so, i say, well the obvious,
"do i know you?"
and then like an annoyance! she says nope, you added me.
so  right, im a bit confused she clearly added me, ( i have the email to prove it!) so hmm she must of forgotten or something so i say
"umm, you added me lol,"
then, well this girl starts to get brave and says i didnt ahahaha
im like what the soap! (in my head) i really did not add this stupid girl! so then i say
" i didnt add you, i dont add random people like a retard, you clearly added me"
so then of course she makes up BULL CRAP like ohh, no you added me i have the email to prove it. right see now i know for sure i have the email clearly stating TANJOTH added me! ( her name -_-) but dammit my print screen button wasnt working! so then i copy and paste the email, and send it to her via fb mail and then she goes so what. im like what the helll! is this girl dumb! then all of a sudden shes gets weirdly defensive and says shizzle like oh leave me alone and crap like that! At this point im getting cheesed off its like how pathetic can you get! so, i get my good ass friend ANA MARIE PREDAAA! just love saying her name, and like a hero! shes does my print screen crap for me!:D so know, i defiantly know i have evidence on this tramp! so like a meanie, i post it on her wall the print screen and say there you added me, and well she cant take it so she repeatedly deletes the post, so i put it on my status, and now shs getting all racist and crap and abusive which i LOL'd at! and like a freak she comments saying "i didnt xx" WTF! whats with the xx's and the non abusive words?! grrrrrrrrrrr! she peed me off" now its like what a couple of days later and now TANJOTH had POKED ME! (i deleted her after ) like seriously?!?!!? so i send an email without poking back, why the hell are you poking me for you freak and she says, i didnt hahaa im like what the crap! grrr, so guys what should i say back to make her see how pathetic she is!

AND YES I KNOW, THAT WAS ALL POINTLESS AND BITCHY but come on, im a female teenager, its what we unfortunately do..

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