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Sunday, 27 March 2011


well im back to blog! well no one really missed me since im not popular on this at all but what the hey!:D so i was walking down the road today on my way to meet a friend and well i saw a hobo or in other words a guy with no life peeing in a bush. So well i was like okay, fair enough thats his disturbing life but then her turned around facing my direction. So now you must be thinking he approched me? NOPE! he walked extremely fast past me to a guy with a dog! He also had strong stench of pee on him which well we can all guess how that came about! Anyway moving on, as i was saying he ran to the dog now i kinda wanted to laugh but also felt sorry for him as he was talking directly to the dog, STRANGE WORLD OUT THERE.

well, not being weird but that incident made my day since my friend happen to have seen it to and well pretty much laughed about it all day!

peaceout blogggers!

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