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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

unusual emotions - a opinion

you never realy know why you feel this way, some just say its one of those days but how long or how many can you have. I wouldnt say it was a sort of depression but it certainly shouldnt be like this. Now people describe emotions in many different ways but the way i would explain it would be keeping it simple and make it sound like one of those annoying or really loved films.

sometimes i feel empty inside, its as if theres a void and it needs to be filled with something i dont even know. unknown emotions can be worried about but figured out right could end in you feeling whole again.

sometimes you just need to put down words even if they dont make sense but just to atempt to figure out or even have an idea of whats wrong.

now this post is no depression crap just a few words typed out! leave an opinion.


Trish said...

well i can relate to your post. :))

Noorie said...

thanks Trish! :)