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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Periods. Smelly. Fishy. Periods.

right so girls, we all have them right and its essential that we manage it properly! well some do anyway!
Heres a story or shall i say incident about one BOYS LOOK AWAY.

So as i was walking casually towards the bathroom to do the natural girl thing in checking my apparence shall we say there suddnenly was a blasted ouder as i opened the door ( i wish i never did). It smelt like a fish puked up fish then ate it then puked it up again! my nose was burning with the smell as were my lungs.Now im not saying they smell like frigging flowers on a sunny day but come on girls theres a flipping limit! change regularly and keep yourself clean! i mean of course first timers may have a bit of trouble in the beggining and even if they do help them out! dont be afraid to tell someone in privert if they "smell" of have leaked! but then again dont be afraid to go and worry about the smell, ofcourse theres gunna be one but it shouldnt be really smelly! That will only happen if u havent changed in hours! so females, change ever 2-3 hours and always have an emergancy kit in your bag just incase now this should include of spare pads/tampons, wipes, spray and spare undies! gooooooodluck! :)

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